Biodegradable Tableware

Our products are made of natural plant Fibers and can replace plastic and paper disposables. The sustainable material is the most environment friendly alternative to conventional materials In the world. Our products are made from existing agricultural by-products occurring during seasonal field or greenhouse harvest, such as sugarcane leaves and bagasse as well as rice straw, bamboo fiber and water hyacinth. We will uses only raw materials that are outside of the human food chain and by sourcing currently unused raw materials, we do not require new or adjusted land use. What sets us apart from the paper industry, is that we do not use chemically extract cellulose. We also do not need any glue or binding agents, as our fibers are self-binding. Our products are designed with their purpose in mind: as a single use product they are made in such a way that disposal is easy. Our products will be biodegradable and can be recycled as paper or burned energy efficient. Our tableware can prevent water & oil for more than 2 hours.


140 Arambagh, Motijheel,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Mobile: +880 19211 55777

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